Visit Pag island – beautiful summer tourist paradise

Pag island is located in Croatia and is connected with a small bridge. You can get over with ferry too. Pag island is surrounded with very clean and calm sea, there are so many interesting beaches around that you can’t visit them all in one vacation. Water is warm, it doesn’t have any dangerous animals – only sea urchin are very common guests. But with right footwear and going into the sea only on more common spots, you can’t get hurt. We visited Pag island just before the tourism season started because we needed to shoot an apartment and some surrounding footage. We, of course, made a wide range of footage for a short tourism movie and our stock footage collection. In eight days, we gave our maximum to shoot as many interesting spots as we could. There are so many more locations we could still visit.

Pag island is crawled with apartments. We stayed in Mandre, which is a small town only with private apartments. Our apartment was run by a very nice owner.  Just about 100m from our apartment we have access to long beaches. It has restaurants and fast-foods near the beach, so you don’t need to go anywhere far to eat.

One of the most interesting beach around Pag island is Sveti Duh (Holy Spirit), which is just 10min of car ride from Mandre. It has a very long sand beach with very clean and calm water. View on the coast on other side is just beautiful. Another very nice beach surrounded by dry stone desert is near Metajna. It is a bit more of a car ride but would be worth it.

The Pag island is covered with dry stone walls which in the old days were used as pastures for sheep. Now they are still using this walls as a fence, but it is more of a tourist attraction. Today there is almost nobody anymore who would know build such walls. Sheep eating grass in this salty pastures is special. The cheese they make from such milk is very tasty. You just can’t stop eating it. Of course, we visited one of biggest industry of cheese makers on the Pag island. Our jaws dropped.

Our biggest companion around the island was Citroen Berlingo, which was again a great shooting model in interesting environments. It is also the best car we ever had because it has a lot of storage space, it is comfortable and reliable.

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