5 Reasons Why To Shoot Stock Footage in Nearby Locations

Video production of stock footage can be very expensive and doesn’t necessarily return the costs. Traveling abroad with planes and ships can even get more expensive if you want to shoot stock footage elsewhere. New environments can get you a refreshed new angles, which are beautiful for you, but for what cost? In most cases, you won’t even get the most out of the location which any locals there already did or will shoot it sooner or later in a better way. Bringing your own camera and equipment carries the risk of breaking it while transporting. While on vacation abroad you need to carry it around too or leave it under surveillance in apartments.  If you are shooting stock footage while on vacation, is it still called a vacation? From our experience, you always think of how to shoot a nice scenery instead of enjoying it. That will never be a vacation. Carrying equipment around to unknown places will physically stress you out.

That is why we put together a list of reasons why you should shoot stock footage in your nearby locations before other abroad stock shooters do:

  1. Easier to predict weather and sunlight.
  2. Quicker to check out the need for suitable lens and any other equipment
  3. Cheaper to hire actors if you work with them regularly
  4. Less driving time to location for production team and actors
  5. Local locations can be very interesting for worldwide audiences

No matter where you live, there are tons of ideas that could be done just using own unique weather season, vegetation and culture. If you live there for more decades, you know best what could be done. If you live in a winter environment, you won’t go shooting flowers 2000 km away. You won’t sell a single flower because they are already oversaturated in databases by many others living in such locations.

Be more focused on local content and shoot what many others can’t.


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