Unleashing Your Creativity: A Guide to Smartphone Video Production

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In the fast-paced world of content creation, smartphones have become powerful tools for capturing high-quality videos on the go. With the right techniques and apps, you can turn your smartphone into a portable video production studio. In this article, we’ll

Unveiling the Excitement: Anime Convention Promo Video that Will Leave You Spellbound

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Anime conventions have become a thriving hub for enthusiasts to come together and celebrate their shared love for Japanese animation, manga, and cosplay. These events showcase the vibrant and imaginative world of anime, providing a platform for fans to connect,

Maximizing Your Video Podcast’s Reach with SEO Best Practices

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Video podcasting is a new and growing way for people to consume and create content. It combines the audio elements of traditional podcasting with the visual aspects of video, providing a more engaging experience for the listener. For those looking

Will the Coronavirus affect the video production industry?

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If you are not aware yet, there is a dangerous virus spreading from China. Its called Coronavirus and it is spreading very fast. Many Chinese cities were guaranteed. It effected on the local and worldwide industry. And the worldwide industry

The Magic Button At Shutterstock


If you aren’t sure about the capping system Shutterstock is applying to the contributor, then this latest jaw-dropping fiasco will open your eyes. There was something very fishy going on in time of the American holiday somewhere between 22. and

Stock footage agencies useless video codec selection

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The stock footage industry has the most thoughtless demands for video codecs they support. Most of them are very old, some are very editing unfriendly for buyers, some don’t support 4K and one codec is only available only on Apple computers.

Aputure’s C300d LED light with not very bright engineering

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We’ve bought the newest and brightest light from Aputure. The Light Storm C300d LED kit + Fresnel mount. Not very cheap light, but it will serve its purpose in our video production. Because it is very bright and has ability to

Video Shooting VLOG with Smartphone Like Professional

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There are dozens of reasons why not to use a smartphone for video recording anything except own family. Lack of good sensor, no optical zoom and hardly any stabilization are just a few of the reasons. Smartphones have improved drastically in

Video Production Company Outsourcing Stock Video Submissions

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Video production company working on many on-going projects is an important full-time responsibility. That is why it is almost impossible to invest time and resources into stock video. First of all, it is not profitable right away and needs a