We have put together some basic Question and Answers about Royalty Free Stock Footage industry you have to know about:



Where can I buy commercial video stock footage for my project?

There are few big agencies which sell video stock footage for any of your needs. Pond5, Shutterstock, Fotolia/Adobe or Dissolve are some of the most popular with best user experience and good prices. Check their database and exclude “editorial” media in search, which can’t be used in commercial projects.

Can I buy video stock footage directly from you?

Yes, it is possible to get files directly from us under the same licenses that are sold on other stock media agencies. Contact us and let us know what you are searching for.

Can I use preview files to edit my project and buy full quality stock footage files at the end?

All sites mentioned before support downsized or watermarked files for downloading before buying the full size and quality footage. This way you can try the footage in your project and buy at the very end before exporting your finished product. You can download as many files as you want.

Who else can buy same stock footage as I did? Can my competitor promote their business with same files?

Royalty Free Stock Footage are world wide used in many projects for different purposes. It can be used thousand times anywhere. Your local competitor using same stock footage for promotion is less probable than winning the lottery. But it could be used by someone on other parts of the world for similar products. Buying exclusive stock footage is much more expensive.

Can’t find the footage you need for your project?

It is not unusual that some specific themes are not present in any of stock agency database. Contact us and let us know what you are searching for.



Who can sell videos on stock video agency website?

Anyone over 18 years and capable shooting HD video files is suitable for being contributor on practically any Royalty Free Stock Video agency site.  You’ll only need to attach a scan of your Identity card or passport when you register as contributor.

How much can you earn by selling stock video?

That depends on how much you invest your time to create stock footage. If you make hundred very good stock video footage per week, you might start earning a hundred bucks per month very soon. When number of files rise, your income will rise too.

Can I use same video footage for every agency?

Unless you choose to sell your files as exclusive on one stock agency, you can upload same files to all other agencies and tag them with same metadata. While being exclusive does mean you have better ranking and income percentage, but selling only on one site caries it’s own risk.

Which are the best agencies to sell stock video?

Our few year analysis show, that the best stock video agencies are: Shutterstock, Pond5, Dissolve and Fotolia.

How do video footage sell?

Every stock video clip carries it’s own licence that buyer has to follow. You can sell same file many times on many sites. Agency takes it’s own piece of income, while you get the rest once a month. Every agency have their own earnings policy. And no matter what, your stock footage will be always yours. You choose where to sell them.