Video Production Company Outsourcing Stock Video Submissions

Video production company working on many on-going projects is an important full-time responsibility. That is why it is almost impossible to invest time and resources into stock video. First of all, it is not profitable right away and needs a lot of knowledge and patience to make it work. There is a lot more to uploading and adding few keywords to only hundred files. That is why more than 90% of contributors give up on stock video submission before even seeing any good results. We had a chance to work on stock footage databases that are very profitable and owners can now work full-time with extra employed staff on video production projects and stock footage at the same time. Even our own database is profitable with around $4000 a month. But we don’t have many video production projects on our sleeves, so our database is mostly profitable from ideas we came up from.

Here are few reasons why video production company should outsource stock video submission:

  1. Video production can primarily work on new paid projects
    With outsourcing stock video submission your production company can focus only on shooting great video products while same footage can in future earn almost as much income. The point of outsourcing is relieving the whole stock post-production process to experts that can get best results much faster. Hiring someone intern can take years to learn and find the best workflow before starting earning suitable income. While you still need to pay the intern their wage.
  2. Earning even more income from already paid projects
    Another great thing about outsourcing is earning income without any additional costs. It really depends on the type of outsourcing work, but if we are honest, if there are no results there should not be any payment. Income from stock footage can just be split each month between author and outsourcing company.
  3. Results are visible in less than a year
    With good stock footage (made from video projects) there will be results in less than a year. If there is a constant flow of new files uploaded also the income just gets better. But, if you don’t know how to start, you make months of pause and investigation tests, a lot of income is lost for no reason. We had experience with decent portfolio earning over $2000 in 1 year of our outsourcing work.
  4. Leaving stock submissions to professionals with years of experience
    Anyone can contribute stock video footage to any agency. There are no regulations or special demands. But making, cutting, editing and keywording is left on behalf of contributors choice. With bad choices, you cant make great feedback, in this case, there will be no income. We learned in few years what are important aspects, what to be careful about even before even cutting out footage and what to fix in the footage that it will be accepted and sold. We had over 30 thousands of files made and uploaded experience.

The stock video industry has a lot to cover before becoming oversaturated. On the other hand, photography is the most popular stock media, but it is very much underpaid and not so much profitable. We have tried with hundred photos test but even with hundreds of sales in few months, our time was not even hardly paid off. On the other hand, video files are paid from $20-$50 per sale or two/three times that value if sold with extended licenses. 4K videos are sold at even bigger prices.

Using paid projects video files for stock?

We all know that most projects today are well underpaid to stay in the price competitive industry. Selling same files as stock footage can make back those extra funds that were lost. Nobody needs to know what files will be sold as stock footage. Putting a word or two in the contract with an indirect statement about it should legally cover your back. For a production company, we worked for have also made stock footage from all paid video production projects. In many cases, a huge amount of footage wasn’t even used for the project. But of course there are some cases of footage which would be improper to sell for stock. In our experience that’s very rare.

If you are interested in outsourcing stock video work, contact us.

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