Facebook Give Priority to News With Video Footage

In the past, the Facebook was a great social network to create a massive audience. There were no restrictions on how you could invite people, how you sent massive messages and what kind of media you shared. Everything worked and everybody was informed at any time. The effects were great. Now it is a different story. Facebook dropped their masks and put every small business and groups to the side, only allowing big budget companies to own the floor. Even if you have a million of users liking your page, there will be a massive decline in interactions. Facebook algorithm won’t be showing your page posts to everyone anymore (well, it didn’t for a long time now) and it will get even harder to reach out more audience. Text posts, links, and images will be pushed back. The main focus is now friends and family. The main media for improving reach will be video and live-streams.

What this means is that companies will have to put more time in to publishing video media or include live-streams into their timelines. And invest much more into promotions and reasons for people to react to. That ain’t easy if you are just starting out with business and marketing. New businesses and companies will have a much more hard time getting any reputation on social media such as Facebook. There aren’t any shortcuts here anymore. Anyone selling you marketing strategies today won’t do any good tomorrow.

We aren’t impressed with new regulations either. But we do have one thing most companies don’t – endless collections of stock video footage. Of course, they are available for anyone too. You can also find some free stock media.

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