Will the Coronavirus affect the video production industry?

If you are not aware yet, there is a dangerous virus spreading from China. Its called Coronavirus and it is spreading very fast. Many Chinese cities were guaranteed. It effected on the local and worldwide industry. And the worldwide industry is the one that will affect us all. Even in video production.

We can remember the floodings in China which affected on prices of computer parts. It took a while before the prices stabilized. What I’m worried about is that Coronavirus will affect not just the prices of equipment, but if it gets pandemic worldwide, all businesses will be shut down. And if many businesses stop working, that will affect video productions too and sales of stock footage.

The slowing down of industry is already noticable with paralyzed exporting goods from China. And also importing. Many big events are being canceled.

There is a reason why the media won’t report about the real situation China is going through. It would make the worldwide nation panic. And that is what we don’t want. No one can predict how bad can it be. But there are some forecasts that 60% of the population can disappear.

I hope they are wrong and they find the vaccine soon enough.

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