Aputure’s C300d LED light with not very bright engineering

We’ve bought the newest and brightest light from Aputure. The Light Storm C300d LED kit + Fresnel mount. Not very cheap light, but it will serve its purpose in our video production. Because it is very bright and has ability to mount fresnel to narrow the light even better, it will be fun to play around with sharp shadows and with backlighting. It is a miniature sun.

What we liked is that the light itself comes in a decent sized bag, but there is practically no room for any other accessories related to the light. Even the Fresnel mount in there is there by force. Why Aputure, why wouldn’t you leave some room for mounts, even barn doors or small sized softbox? Not to mention how much space the controller and power source take with all cables. Check all in our video:


Key Features:

5500K Color Temperature
CRI95+ TLCI96+ Good Color Reproduction
Bowens Front Mount, Quiet Fan
Tough Aero-Aluminum Body
Portable and Lightweight
Wireless Remote with 328′ Range
Independent Lighting Controls
Intelligent Temperature Control
Dual Power Supply via Power Adapter or V-Mount Battery(Not Included)
All-in-One Canvas Bag

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