Video Shooting VLOG with Smartphone Like Professional

There are dozens of reasons why not to use a smartphone for video recording anything except own family. Lack of good sensor, no optical zoom and hardly any stabilization are just a few of the reasons. Smartphones have improved drastically in the last 10 years. They have become a really neat personal computer in our pocket. But, is it possible to shoot a professional-like video with it? We tried making a series of vlog episodes finding out.

Our first vlog was a complete amateur product. This is a typical video we can find in most cases with using a smartphone or even a video camera.

The next video had some improvement in audio and lights, we even used a teleprompter application for more fluid talking.

The third episode was made entirely in a regulated scene. We added a better background, played with lights, added some B-roll video, burn in subtitles and put up an animated name tag. Now it really looks like a professional-like vlog episode.

And lastly, we mentioned that all of this can be made with entirely with home equipment. In our fourth episode, we used lights we found around the home and made completely the same professional product.

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For our project, we used a smartphone Huawei Mate10 Pro, which does have a decent front-faced camera. We could be using any smartphone, but in most cases, we would need to shoot with the rear camera.

Room for improving vlog

Of course, there are ways of improving video. The microphone we used is a part of earphones and the cable is just too short for placing the camera further. We could play with lights even more, add a hanging picture above the monitor and get rid that black background.

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