June 2017 favorite video stock footage files sold via all stock agencies

Summer time has only started and we are seeing sales of video stock footage going drastically down. This year June was worse than last years. If May 2017 was bad, June has gone even worse. At this time we are rethinking the sales model that with more uploaded footage we should also improve income… but it is not true with each month passing by. As if we came to an invisible wall which limits contributors incomes depending on their quality of the database. We sure did start with not so great footage but four thirds of our footage are good and some are very rare. And even if try to upload only the best ones, nothing improves… we are seeing stagnation of our income. This month Shutterstock ($1554,21) was better than previous and just slightly worse than last year ($1677,26), while Pond5 ($324,45) is a complete disaster. Last year ($752,00) it at least had two times more income. Dissolve ($162,84) continues to decline too. It had two times more sales last year ($353) with much less footage. At least Fotolia/Adobe ($270) has better results this year, with only $79,00 last year. And as expected, iStockphoto/Getty Images ($156) income is declining to almost non-existent sales. And some of the sales are as low as $0.62 per video. Absurd. But funny though, it was more than at 123RF ($32).










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