July 2017 NEW Stock Footage That Did Not Succeed

After a series of articles about favorite video stock footage that sold in past months, we came up with an idea to write about new stock footage which is great but was missed by buyers. There are so many great clips we made and are now buried under a pile of millions of new footage. That is why we will post some of our new video stock footage we think should be exposed to potential buyers. July 2017 was the only month we didn’t shoot a single stock footage. But we still had to upload and add descriptions to many unfinished files we did in the past months. That is how some of the next few unseen clips got online:

We made this new stock footage while shooting a personal promotional project for the Island of Pag. Visiting local cheese factory was one of most important plan to do. Because there weren’t many similar clips online, we shoot some unique and unseen footage. Well, now we know why there weren’t many similar clips online. Because they aren’t in demand.

This summer was very slumped with any summer-related sales. This clip with girl resting on hammock by the seaside is very attractive and simple, but it didn’t see any chance to shine. There are few more clips that are related to this, but again they were buried.

Because sup board got very popular and almost anybody can go and shoot people on sup boards, we also made some before the sup joy time. Inflating sup board on the sea beach is something that could be used for “getting ready for summer” video promotions. And yet, another stock clips buried.

Many times we are wondering if we give wrong title and description for our footage. Because same image can be described in different way, we never know what buyers are looking for. In this case we really like the colors and scenery, but it just didn’t reach out.

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