April 2017 favorite video stock footage files sold via all stock agencies

This year April was a real joke from all stock footage agencies.  Way different than March 2017. It rarely happens that agencies switch their roles as a primary and secondary income source. This time it was the first time that Pond5 ($1453) exceeded Shutterstock ($1034) income by far (not by the number of sales, though). Even Dissolve ($351) returned to the third steady place with some more sales. We were already worried that iStockphoto/Getty Images ($163) would take over the third place. This time even Fotolia/Adobe ($281) showed some more sales. It was interesting to see even if Shutterstock sales fell by almost 50%, other agencies picked up the loss. Though Depositphotos and 123RF are not worth mentioning. And again we didn’t see any newest footage to sell. Mostly video stock footage we uploaded a year or more ago.







The four months of 2017 weren’t that successful with stock footage. First of all, we are very disappointed because only old footage are selling while the new ones are buried under the pile of many files. We really hope there will be any change upwards in the summer time.

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