5 Reasons Why We Promote Stock Footage from Pond5

Just to clarify, we aren’t promoting our Pond5 stock footage because they anyhow give us any benefits or exclusivity. We don’t receive anything more than anyone else selling on Pond5. And that is 50% income commissions. We are promoting Pond5 even if they don’t sell more than Shutterstock agency in our case. After many years of contributing, we got the whole picture who sells and who cares about contributors. For example, iStockphoto/Getty Images makes the most number of sales, but earning few cents per video sale is a theft. We actually made almost the same number of sales on iStock and on Shutterstock, but the income was so low it wasn’t even worth mentioning. That is why we don’t upload to iShitty for more than a year now. We have the most hopes for sales to rise on Pond5, which would drastically improve our income.

Pond5 Stock Agency Pay 50% Commission to Contributors

All contributors are working on new stock footage to earn something. Many are trying to make a living out of it. If you get only 30% or less from each sale, it is very hard to even pay expenses of legal production business, not to mention of paying off equipment, software and shooting sets. Agencies should pay at least 50% for our work, which is as important as agencies marketing and database development.

You Can Set Own Price of Stock Footage at Pond5

If you have a unique stock footage, it is very dumb to sell it at lowest standard royalty fee all other agencies are offering. On Pond5 you can set your own pricing tiers for HD and 4K footage. Even if you upload SD quality. If you are good at spotting sellable footage, you can change prices anytime you wish.

Upload Editor at Pond5 is The Most Improved And Fastest

No other stock footage agency has such simple editor for meta tagging footage. After you are finished, you can export the metadata and use it on other stock agencies with few copy-paste functions. Editor has nice preview of each clip, you can batch change details and batch add releases.

You Can Get Referral Commissions From Buyers And Contributors (shut down)

(Without any warning removed from Pond5) We didn’t know until recently, that we receive commissions for referring new contributors to Pond5 that makes sales. That makes us even more happy if we can help new contributors making sales. Same applies for buyers that buy any stock footage from Pond5 database.

Support Team Responds Fast in Case of Problems

We have experienced one of the best support team from Pond5. They respond to any problems in less than a week. If you need help at iShitty, you can wait up to half a year to get any answer. More than a month at Shutterstock. Support response time in case of technical or footage related problems is important for a professional stock agency and Pond5 knows this.

Pond5 Stock Agency is the only one with the best user experience. Even if their website has some bugs, they work with contributors respectfully. It is far better than iStockphoto/Getty Images, Revostock, Dissolve, Shutterstock, MotionElements, Videoblocks, 123RF or any others will ever be.

Stock video industry is changing and contributors are the only ones who can regulate the market. If we let agencies such as iStockphoto regulate the market, you’ll soon go out of business. We won’t let that happen, will we?

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