5 Reasons Why Using Video Stock Footage for Business Promotion is Cheaper

In today’s marketing industry the stock media is getting more important than ever (see Whiskas using stock footage).  How to get cost effective video promotion for social media, promotion campaigns, and television. Perfect marketing strategy is to use the least money to get the most profit. If we offer our video production services to shoot a promotional video, costs for basic projects start at only $2000. Using video stock footage could bring those costs down for ten times. Video promotion is important today as in the past having text and image ads everywhere was a must have. Because everything today is visual media based, we rarely spot text based ads. With video promotions, you remember your potential buyers that you exist and have something to offer. If they see your promotions many times in future, they will remember and know where to find selected services or product.  While it can be expensive to hire a video production making such a promotion, you can with much lower investment use similar to your business available stock footage.

Paying only ~$79 for professional video footage

We admit, that prices for RF stock footage went way down since 10 years ago and many contributors struggle to keep up for same profits. But if many of them had a chance to work with companies for video production services, it has become even harder to justify thousands of dollars for simple works. Even if a production bought a camera for $50.000, they will be overrun by youngsters with a camera for $2000. And with that quality suffers. A lot of stock footage are made with commercials in mind. In most cases only finding the suitable one is the biggest project.

Anybody can download video stock footage and edit for their needs

Great thing about the stock footage is that it can be used by anyone. It can be used for commercial, movies, news reporting or as part of blog writing. Anything. It doesn’t even serve for promotion but it gives more relevance to other media. Every stock footage can also be edited to suit anyone’s taste. Adding text overlays, logos, images or be color-corrected to achieve different mood. Music and audio can be part of video too. If you don’t know how to use editing software such as Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve, Sony Vegas or even Movie Maker, you can still find somebody that does.

Stock footage has a preview download before buying

The best thing about stock footage is that it is already shot and you see it before you buy it. Every agency offers preview option for stock footage because it can already be used with the project and bought just before publishing a finished video. Preview video files only have watermarks over the footage. If you don’t know what will suit your taste, download and try it.

Static shot of professional photo camera with microphone in focus while person start throwing Euro banknotes in to never ending investment.

Stock Footage of Throwing Money In To Photo Video Equipment 4K

Stock agencies have more than millions of different footage

Production of stock footage has bloomed in the past few years and it is almost impossible not finding a suitable footage for your project. Every day new clips are added and many of them have a variety to choose from.  Because anyone can make stock footage, it is wise to check the quality of footage and actors play.

No need for expensive video post-production services

Mentioned before that anybody can download stock footage means also that you can skip any extra post-production charges for editing bought stock footage to serve your purpose. If your marketing strategy includes a lot of promotion it will be cost effective if you learn yourself basics of any editing software. Even cutting the footage at the right moment or adding suitable audio needs a good software. For most basic learning there are many tutorials and how-to on the world wide web.


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