How You Can Find Great Stock Footage Almost Instantly

Nobody want’s bad promotion which discourages customers from your products or services.

We see many commercials and promotional videos which were made by so-called video productions but are so bad that is hard to watch. Nobody will even wish to buy whatever they are promoting with such bad video footage.

New “video productions” pop up every day, they make a short showreel of some sports action or from weddings and then promote their work as “professionals”. Being a professional video production is not just putting together many randomly shoot average footage and adding two or three texts overlays. There is a lot more to be called as a video production company. There is also story brainstorming, planning, location scouting, preparing the scene, lighting, directing, casting, shooting and post-production procedure. If you are not sure what you want from video production it is better to use video stock footage to test the market. Bad video promotion is worse than not having it. If National Geographic, Whiskas, supermarkets and telecommunication companies are using stock footage, there is no reason you shouldn’t.

Finding great video stock footage is easy as searching any topics on Google. You could also use Google to search footage. But, we recommend you use stock agency internal search. It is more flexible, adjustable and shows more relevant results. You can search by keywords or by adding specific characteristics you want for your project. Many contributors make a series of visually similar footage or a whole story behind it. Some agencies show such files as similar or related. If not, you should look into contributors collections.

Abandoned Toys in Sand. No one around. Doomsday graded footage

Stock Footage of Playtoys In Sand

Sometimes contributors don’t know how to properly title their own footage. That is why it is maybe harder to search for more specific themes. For example; you can title toys on sand thrown around as “Playtoys in sand” or “Doomsday abandoned toys in the park”. Both are properly tagged, but you can’t really know what buyer is looking for. That is why it is better to wide search for some related footage.

You can’t find what you are looking for? Contact us and we will try to help!

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