5 HOW TO Make And Publish Event After-Movie Video

We’ve been in video production for almost a decade now and some things still didn’t change. There are a lot of different events around the world and many of them rely on promotion to get new visitors. Making the first event might be the hardest, but if done well it could get enough of attention to succeed. The biggest problem is already thinking about the next year event. Most of the organizers don’t do that sort of thing. If you begin organizing the next year event before even upcoming one starts, you’ll already be thinking about all promotional media that you need this year to successfully make the next biggest event. That means inviting media press to write about it, hiring a photographer to make very good photos and videographers to cover important parts of the event. People like to see themselves or what they’ve have been doing in video or photos, that is how they share memories with the rest of friends.

That is why we started this article. The most important part of the event is media coverage. Making an after-movie video will bring much more attention and if well caressed till next year event the crowd will explode. This is called long-term investment. Making a “wow” effect is not done just with boring shoots, but with many different techniques combined and a good taste of experiences. Newcomers, amateurs and television crews rarely know how to make great looking after-movies. That is why we are giving away some free advice what to look for when hiring a video production team.

Shoot with more than one camera

Making a variety of footage is almost impossible for one-man-band. The bigger the event the more impossible it is. Covering all sort of event parts with two-camera-guys crew is most efficient and reliable. That is also very logical if they are using more specific equipment with interchangeable lenses that don’t cover the whole range of the wide and telephoto field of view. Cameras with integrated lenses will never be as great as interchangeable ones. This also tells you how much videographer values the esthetics of shoot video. That will also affect the finished product. But you want a great looking video.

Use specific pieces of equipment for dynamic shots

There are many different approaches to make very dynamic and movie-look like video products. The days of the static tripods are long over and are now used only for television news reporting. If you don’t use at least a slider, jib/crane or basic Steadicam, you aren’t even allowed to be called video production. Currently, brushless gimbal stabilizers are very popular for work, the same goes for slow-motion cameras. Or at least 60fps frame rates to smooth the motion. At least two-camera-guys crew is important to have when using such pieces of equipment. In our case, we need at least half an hour to setup the gimbal stabilizer and can work only up to half an hour without a break. Working with such equipment is physically tiring because it is not light on the muscles and the back. Even time-lapses and hyper lapses are a great way to make a variety of footage. But these are even more time-consuming for the videographer. That is why it’s best to plan most of the shooting with a production team. And also about the more specific shoots for future social media promotions.

Using energic music background

Great movies are always accompanied by a great soundtrack. Even the first ever Charlie Chaplin movies had suitable music background for many reasons. It is the same with other video products today. Music background is for the psychological reasons. It drives viewer till the end of the movie or it repels it from further watching. That is why it must be well chosen. You shouldn’t use hard metal music with children themed videos or pop style music with industrial presentations. Many times you can waste hours or days to find suitable music background. It is a matter of just a few tones that distinguish good or bad track. Thank goodness there are many stock music sites to chose from. For many past events, we’ve noticed that more upbeat music had much more audience retention. Such music that is used for movie trailers. You will always like it.

Publish video as soon as possible

People love to share where they have been, what they were doing and what they’ve seen. If you publish your video a month later it will be forgotten before it even gets online. People already forgot about the event and they’ve already shared it with own photos or words after it happened. It is hard to explain to customers that “after-movie” is a quick and inspiring momentum when people still feel the experience and would like to share it on social media. With such enthusiasm, you can gather a lot of followers. The Same video can also be re-shared before the next event. It will already have a lot of views, likes, shares, and comments, which will help to get an even wider audience. The sooner the video will be published, the bigger and better will be the feedback. A perfect pitch is two days after the end of the event, but three days is also great.

Use all social media channels

These days promoting own videos or photos are the cheapest ever in history. Having an account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Youtube is the least you can do. If done properly with constant publishing interesting media, you can achieve large bases of fans which can be your visitors or buyers. But don’t just publish your media through all the year, also comment and like others posts, images, and videos. If you will publish your video, it will have the fastest reach on Facebook, but it will have the best search results profit on Youtube. Don’t forget that Youtube is controlled by Google and if anyone searches something related to your products, it will find your video on Youtube. That is why it is important to use all social media channels with their PROS and CONS in mind.

Shooting for an after-movie video product is way different than making stock footage. You have to make the whole story for the editing while shooting the event. If you don’t have a story planned, you’ll have trouble putting together a flow of the video. That is why video production must have some good products already to share. It doesn’t matter if they were made for free, what matters is their style.

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