Why should Pond5 agency offer different video size options for stock footage?

Stock video footage today is used in variety of multimedia projects. We’ve seen many of them in commercials, intros, documentaries, movies, news reports, web videos, company presentations, educational shorts and other. It is impossible even to count all ideas buyers all around the world use our footage for. Many of projects are not meant to be high quality videos/movies, that is why buying full HD videos can become expensive project. This is where Pond5 is actually loosing costumers. We’ve seen a lot of bought stock footage clips lower resolutions on Shutterstock. And we don’t promote Shutterstock portfolio, because they pay only %30 of the sold price. We earn less with each stock footage on Shutterstock. On Pond5 we would get 50% from each sale.

Because Pond5 stock agency doesn’t support lower resolutions for each 4K or HD file, costumers find same or relevant files on other stock agencies database. That means loosing customer and income. Why should Pond5 stock footage agency offer variety of video size:

Full HD stock footage is not needed for picture-in-picture projects

If video production is working on a project where they need a b-roll footage on a device screen (smartphone, tablet, television… etc) in most cases it wont be used highest quality video. It just wont be needed because it would be too small to anyhow notice its quality. Why would anyone then buy Full HD footage for such project? Wouldn’t that be waste of money?

Facebook video projects rarely need full HD footage

Facebook isn’t exactly synonym for quality media. They downscale quality of everything – from images to video. So it doesn’t matter if video promotions are 1280x1080p or 850x720p (square videos are watched in very high ratio of viewers). Buying Full HD would be a waste of resources again. It would be good enough if 720p size stock footage should be used.

Blog posts or GIF animations don’t need best quality footage

Stock footage is not used only for higher budget projects. It could be used for making blog posts or other written articles more visual and readable. In such cases GIF animations are probably the most effective “dynamic images” instead using traditional video players.  Our GIF animations are all 540x304p size and up to 7 seconds long. The reason behind it is in file size, which can quickly exceed 8MB and is not supported by Facebook. You have to admit that GIF animations give such a nice touch to our articles.

Because Pond5 doesn’t support lower video resolution sizes, we’ve lost a lot of customers and that could be the reason why Shutterstock is our top stock footage income agency. They are not selling just HD and 4K.

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