Why Our First Video Stock Footage Don’t Sell [Our Experience]

We started with video stock footage in 2011. And it was extremely hard to shoot anything. Not just because we had very basic handheld video camera, but we didn’t have any idea how to shoot stock video. We even noticed a lot of aliasing on our footage. Cameras those days had massive problems with aliasing. It was a bit better with Canon 550D we bought later. Today it is almost impossible to buy bad equipment for shooting stock footage.

Not everything is suitable for stock. We learned that in few years. There are a lot of themes covered so much it is useless to shoot similar footage. It just wont sell. We found just few clips that are still online on Pond5 and were made with Canon 550D. Video footage from Canon HG10 were not even accepted because of low quality and aliasing problems.  Someday we will delete even footage made with 550D, because they are useless in our database if they don’t sell.ol

Here are few examples;

Rainy Day Cars Passing By

Stock Footage of Rainy Day Cars Passing By


Flock Of Ducks

Stock Footage of Flock Of Ducks



Not very attractive, aren’t they? See our latest favorite stock footage sales in March 2017 which are much more appealing.

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