Uploading process to Shutterstock stock agency is a nightmare

We are every time scared uploading to Shutterstock because of many problems using their FTP system. It is slow, with many broken files and not uploaded footage. Uploading a set of 100GB takes more days of constant uploading, which doesn’t even use 10% of our internet connection speed. It is a nightmare.

Shutterstock stock agency didn’t have such problems few years back. Upload speeds were fast and files could be resumed if there was any error or lost connection on any side. Uploading stock footage was the least of problems working with this agency. In the past it was more of a problem getting files through long inspection lines and strict acceptance filters. Now? It is a nightmare getting a file to their server. Getting it through inspection is rarely a problem. And waiting lines are short.

What happened? Well, Shutterstock changed their upload system. Now it converts each uploaded file after it’s uploaded. Even if it’s not uploaded fully. There were cases from other contributors that their accepted footage were shorter than original files on hard drive. We personally didn’t find any such file in our database, but it would be worrisome if this is global problem. We just can’t use even more time to check how our files are played. Shutterstock doesn’t even support file preview before sending to inspection. So it’s even more bothersome to wait until it is accepted.

Because of low speed connection on their side (we assume they are using Amazon clouding services), a lot of times files stop uploading and start from beginning or it even fails. Every time we have to check number of uploaded files and which numbers of files were uploaded and which weren’t. It is a whole project of annoying uploading process before even sending it to inspection.

We pray for a fix in the future!

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