Who Are The Social Media Influencers

We are in the age of people’s media, where an ordinary person can establish a more relevant connection with the audience than any traditional media couldn’t. One person can influence bigger crowds with own way of thinking, a recommendation of products or reviews. This is the age of influencers.

Being an influencer is not easy, it takes a lot of courage, planning, and self-learning. Also, you don’t become an influencer overnight. There is a lot of time invested. It really depends on the niche you are present and what is your audience. Being influencer as a job is very relative to the niche you are into. There are many technical influencers who can earn money from referrals recommending good equipment. Beauty, lifestyle and healthy food niches are really popular too. You can also find some tips how to become an influencer.

Thinking about our past choices of technical equipment, we were very much dependent on opinions of Dave Dougdale and Indy Mogul. We think they were and still are great examples of influencers which have great content, honest opinions and are easy to listen. We were always a bit envy how good they do their reviews, vlogs, and other video content. So, the age of influencers was long ago very active, but maybe not on broad themes.

Are you an influencer, do you earn money from it or is it even your full-time job?

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