iStockPhoto/Getty Images Banning Photoshopped Photos Is Unforgivable Act

Every country in this world has some very strange laws. France, for example, has banned any photoshopping of people photos for commercial use. And most strangely iStockPhoto/Getty Images immediately followed their regulations and also prohibited uploading any photoshopped photos of person weight or size to more “attractive” look. What is the most absurd is this quote:

“The new laws in France will also require fashion houses to employ runway models sized 34 or higher (dress sizes 4 and 6 in the US and Britain, respectively). Models will need to obtain medical notes from their doctors verifying that they are not dangerously thin and maintain a healthy body mass index. Failure to provide the note will result in the model’s agency being fined £64,000, or about $85,700.”

So, the country laws will regulate how the commercial industry will have to promote their products? That just means the industry will have to put higher standards to man or woman body lines, which will consequently force man and woman to watch over own diets and body line even more. Isn’t that funny? The controversial law will promote the contrary effect. Many people will have to suffer to look more beautiful without any post-production retouches. And we shouldn’t forget that photography and videography are art, our works are artistic which shouldn’t be limited by stupid laws. We are not car mechanics which have their rules and regulations how the car must work.

What worries us the most is that such banning acts will be applied to other agencies or even in the video industry. We already heard about United Kingdom banning stereotype commercials;

Just another controversial act by a country that for the longest time has stereotyped women as housewives and men as gentlemen in every single part of their history. And it is probably still the same.

Such regulations are just more pebbles on a path to demolish stock media industry. Mark our words, five years from today it will be a whole different story making any stock footage or images while following all regulations.

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