Professional stock footage sell more than everyday lifestyle themes?

Stock footage industry has more levels of quality media. But their sales depends from buyers use. Not every company is searching for best and most creative media to tell their story or fill some blank spots in their video projects. In many cases ordinary everyday life stock footage is in big demand too. We personally produce both quality levels, because both sell in almost same frequency. Sometimes we are very surprised what sells and what doesn’t.

Shooting professional quality and creative stock footage is very expensive. You need better camera (slow motion) and more lights to rent. It gets even more expensive shooting high frame rate in 4K resolution. Then you need to find proper locations, rent it and find proper props to make it look great. Finding good actors, makeup artist and costumes is crucial too. If you are shooting one-man-band or up to three-man-crew, it can take a while to set up everything. The more people there are on set, more expensive becomes, but things get done quickly. Almost any shooting set can cost from few thousands of dollars and more. That means that the theme of stock footage we are shooting must cover costs as soon as possible. Maybe it does, but if you are not some kinda exclusive or important contributor at any stock agency, you’ll run out of business very soon. If you have a source that can tell you what WILL sell is very important.

We are not anyhow bond to any of stock agency that is why we don’t have any information what could be the next big theme to produce. That is why we don’t always shoot high budget professional and creative stock footage. We really try to bring down expenses as much as possible and still shoot quality stock footage that are not yet covered in worldwide databases.

Film set stock video collection

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