President Vladimir Putin stock footage six years after visit in Slovenia

Shooting video stock footage is a future investment. This surely shows up nicely with some of our footage selling 6 years after gathering many inches of dust. Russian president Vladimir Putin visited Slovenia in 2011, when we were part of the Press and shoot some b-roll material of meeting with Slovenian Prime Minister Borut Pahor. For long years it wasn’t really sold many times.

Now, when Vladimir Putin is again worldwide hot topic because of many things, we have some rare footage of meeting in Slovenia. Too bad that we weren’t using DSLR or 4K at that time to make it bulletproof for many years to come. It would be interesting to shoot meeting of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump in Slovenia, if it really happens.

Video shooting the visit of Vladimir Putin was our first biggest experience with such important task. We before handled some protocols of local politics, but shooting at Putin visit was something very new. So much security, so little space to shoot, so little time. We had to carefully follow protocol rules.

We had some fun shooting stock footage of eating popcorn while Donald Trump had inauguration.

Many stock footage may vanish from sales with time, but some become very exclusive and rare with years passing by. Remember that!

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