January 2017 favorite stock footage sales via all stock agencies

Year 2016 wasn’t that bad with sales income from stock footage. There was constant improvement on some websites and there were few disappointments on others. We had big hopes from Dissolve to catch up at least with Pond5 sales and Fotolia catching up with Dissolve’s final results. But none of those two didn’t follow up the expectations. Both are just low earners where they earn just enough to say it would be waste of time withdrawing files. It became the same with iStockphoto/Getty images, where we stopped uploading a year ago and sales become more regular, so we didn’t close our account yet. Shutterstock was fine, but not that much better compared to 2016 versus 2015.

Here are some interesting stock footage clips we sold in January 2017.




These are only four out of more than hundred sold via three major stock websites. You can check our whole database on Pond5 or Shutterstock.


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