Downsized SD quality stock video footage on Pond5

At the beginning of December, Pond5 stock agency has added a downsized SD stock video footage option to buy. This has been awaited for many years. And we even considered adding downsized version manually to our existing database. Now we don’t have to. There are several reasons why we support this option. But first, let’s hear what were the results from the test phase by Pond5:

Our tests have shown that making this format available increases overall revenue, while having no impact on sales of 4K and HD videos — meaning it has the potential to bring your work to a new segment of buyers without affecting established income.

Because there is a need for lower resolution of the stock video, Pond5 was actually losing such buyers. Why buy an HD or 4K video for a power point presentation? Or for Instagram posting? And there are dozens of reasons why lower video resolution is more appropriate. And of course, the price is also the reason. It is not that we are dumping prices on high-quality HD or 4K footage. Customers will be having a hard time using SD quality for any TV commercials. It would sure look very bad.

Downsized SD stock footage will be a good compliment to existing HD and 4K resolution. This far from ruining the stock industry like Shutterstock is doing with $1.5 video stock sales.

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