Best stock video agencies for footage sales

There are many video stock agencies that offer stock footage as part of their portfolio. There are even more stock photo agencies, that even don’t offer video clips. But when narrowing down profitable best stock video agencies, we only come to three most reliable ones with stable income.

Amongst top 10 agencies we tried out with our stock footage database, there are only three of them generating stable income to survive in the industry. We are talking about non-exclusive contracts, because being exclusive means only selling on one and only stock video agency. There might be some better results if you would be exclusive, but we believe it would be far from income generated on two or three other sites together. And you never know when it goes down the drain if they start to tighten contributors income shares (like iStockPhoto/Getty did).

In the bottom graph analysis you can see Shutterstock, Pond5 and Dissolve statistics through 3 years of contributing and income rise. Since the 2016 year is still not over and there are 4 months till the end, it’s a very clear analysis. Statistics will be updated in the following months.

[visualizer id=”61″]

These three are best stock video sites where it’s even worth uploading files. while there are about 10 thousand files on Shutterstock and Pond5, we have only about 5 thousand on Dissolve. And it still goes very well with sales.


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