How to search proper stock video clip?

When making a video project and finding suitable video stock footage is an important work. In many cases the post-production company will charge you fee for searching suitable stock clips for your project. Not because they just want to earn from something as easy as searching, but choosing suitable clips can take time and time is precious to editors. Not to mention that client has to confirm the chosen stock video for their project. You can bet, you’ll get many options and deny most of them. Even if the editor was searching for suitable clips for many hours.

But, you can save money and editors time if YOU search out suitable video stock clip. Well, at least few different ones to choose from. Editor might deny some of clips because they wont fit in to whole projects. Possible reasons are bad composition, colors, acting, resolution or it’s somehow technically wrong. It’s always better to have more suitable clips available to choose from.

How can a client find suitable stock video? When you open a stock agency site, you’ll find a search bar somewhere on top of page. There you write the most common keywords that would describe desired video for project. For example search for “closing laptop outside closeup“. You pointed out, that you want any person to close the laptop computer while being outside and person is not identifiable because it’s a close up shot. It’s important to add keyword description to desired search, otherwise you’ll be looking at thousands of clips that don’t suit your project. In many cases it’s not advisable to narrow searches by choosing lower priced tier, because you could miss many more expensive professional clips that are made just as you want. Even 4K footage (four times bigger than HD) can be in rare cases very useful with HD projects for easier compositing. Editor can easily crop in to image and still use high quality footage.

If you still don’t find suitable footage, give us a message.




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