Dissolve stock agency is on the edge of doom

We have over 10 thousand stock video files on Dissolve stock agency. There has been little rejection rate till now. We are now producing more interesting, high quality and 4K files with better sales rate than we were in the past. But, something has changed with Dissolve, which doesn’t like our newer stock footage themes. We had several rejections in the past months, which we opposed over the e-mail. We only got a useless message about stuff we are already aware:
– Demonstrate high quality in composition, styling, aesthetics;
– Have breadth and depth in subject matter;
– Demonstrate high production values (have been well shot with good lighting and using good equipment); and
– Have commercial themes (including released models).

But, rejections are not the only problem with Dissolve. Sales are disappearing. In June 2018 only 4 files were sold. Last year June had 8 sales, and the 2016 same month 15 files.  About $350 a month was on average in 2016. While this year is about $200. With our files doubled on their agency since 2016, but the income has almost halved.

We kinda doubt that the database has outgrown the request for footage. Even among contributors, Dissolve isn’t a really popular choice for uploading footage. With their pricing politics threats towards contributors, unstable sales, and strange currating criteria. Maybe all of this negative fame has impacted on buyers as well and they started to search for more related footage elsewhere. Maybe. Or our theme of files isn’t suitable for their niche stock agency. Who knows.

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