Stock Footage Used as Funny #meme

It would be strange if stock footage wouldn’t be used for many meme images on social networks. Because stock footage and stock image databases have a big collection of interesting themes, they can be used for many occasions. We found our screenshots of stock video footage used in several memes. For example, this one was used for making fun out of communism or white house and communism.

There was one more in the past with another of our footage making fun out of some soccer team. But since it isn’t found anymore on google, it didn’t stay interesting for a long time. In all cases, the images are used illegally because there is still a watermark over. But who would take legal actions against the unknown author of these memes? If preview files would also had short URL to the source of an image, it would maybe be easier to find by possible customers. Just an idea;) Find more meme stock footage.

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