Wide collection of horse training and horse health care stock footage

We aren’t horsing around. We made a lot of interesting and useful horse-related stock footage for wide variety of use. Because we like horses we spend a lot of time around them so it’s not a problem finding new interesting themes to shoot.

All footage is made in 4K resolution and high quality. Different horses were used in many situations. One of the most funny is the horse escaping from trainers hands…

Training horses take a lot of time, love and determination. And training horse is not just riding it. You have to walk it around too with proper attitude.

We also love other cute domestic animals too, but horses are big and need special care and planing how to shoot them properly. You can find many different footage in our collections of horse training, horse competitions and horse health care.

Need more? Send us an e-mail with request for specific footage and we’ll see what we can do.

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