Where stock video footage can be used?

Video production of stock video footage is in unlimited variety and locations. Any video production or hobbyist can produce stock footage clips that can be bought anywhere in the world for almost any project. Why almost? Because there are some limitations that any buyer must be careful.

For example; editorial stock footage can’t be used in commercial works. Editorial means, that are meant for news, documentary and education. Because they didn’t cover all legal releases for commercial uses, it’s only meant for non-commercial projects. If you need for commercial use, look at video details if it has legal releases covered. Another limitation is because it’s royalty free, you can use only on one project and it must be stated (inside the video ending screen title or anywhere in description) that it was bought from a stock agency. Some agencies do upgraded licence for wider use.

In anyway, first read details of each stock agency, how bought stock video footage can be used on your project.

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