Traveling abroad and making Tunisia Royalty Free stock footage

There are many pros for working with DSLR camera equipment when making stock video footage. One of them is being subtle anywhere you go. Even traveling abroad can be a problem if you take big video camera equipment. While using DSLR, it’s not. That’s how we made Tunisia Royalty Free Stock footage while on vacation.

Using vacation time for producing stock footage can be tricky, not just because you can’t make planned professional sets, but your family life can suffer too. Unless it’s a family production and everyone is a part of whole production process. That’s how you can have actors always available.

Tunisia is an interesting country, that’s why we mostly used DSLR Canon 5D Mark III and in few cases Sony A7s with Atomos Shogun to shoot some Royalty Free Stock Footage for improving our collections. You don’t go everyday on a vacation so far away, so it’s a take it or leave it chance. One thing is that no one will look you bad if you shoot all the time, because you are a tourist. You are shooting your memories…. and stock footage. But that second part doesn’t matter to anyone.

What is great about shooting stock footage is wide variety of topics you can make. Anywhere you go, take your camera and shoot your heart out.

And before you start uploading your files, check out our latest articles of best stock video agencies. If you only started working in stock video industry, equipment doesn’t really matter.

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