Cute stock video is a great sale niche

We all understand viral videos and how cute animals get many views and likes on social media. Cute animals are viral in most of cases, specially those funny ones. Because we have a furry camera guy, we put him a lot in front of camera too.

Cute stock video is always a thing

Maybe stock agencies don’t like so many domestic animals to be uploaded, but if they get sold, why would anyone miss that chance? Not all stock video clips have to be in the budget $2000+ when making them, because such clips will take much longer to return the investment. On the other hand, making random domestic animals cute stock video is practically free of charge. Cat won’t charge you for playing along, you only have to observe it long enough to predict their funny acts. Adding some creative ideas are bonus too.

On the other hand dogs are a bit easier to get them in to acting. They are more obedient than cats. You can teach them to do tricks or what to do on a set. But we noticed that cats sell much better. At least from our database.

We love our cute cat and adorable dog, they always make our day. If we had cameras on our head, we could show many interesting stories these two furry friends come up to. We are already thinking of making a documentary about the dog though.

What’s your experience, do cute animals stock footage pay of?

PS: Anyone noticed the URL in the gif animations, we are trying out a new way of promoting stock footage?


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