Pond5 integration with Adobe Stock footage means less work and more money?

Stock footage agency Pond5 has announced that they will integrate their footage with Adobe Stock/Fotolia platform. That means that Pond5 contributors will have more chance of selling footage via another world wide known platform and earning better commissions than if uploaded directly to Adobe Stock agency.

This integration is somehow connected with Global Partner Program they announced more than a month ago with contributors. We didn’t believe it is gonna help us anyhow, because buyers don’t like too much confusing “programs”.

In their announcement they stated; “We’re now thrilled to announce that the first of these partners is Adobe, the industry-leader in creative desktop and mobile apps. Starting today, a selection of video clips from the Pond5 collection will be available through Adobe Stock, making our artists’ work available to a whole new market of video-production and editing professionals at a premium price.”

Which is great, but how will we know which files are now included in Adobe Stock. If we stop uploading to Adobe, will our files be included in Adobe Stock too? And lastly, if we delete all of our database at Adobe Stock, will same files from Pond5 be included on Adobe Stock again?

EDITed: We’ve got an answer via e-mail and Twitter from Pond5 and they are saying;

To be honest, sales on Fotolia/Adobe Stock with stock video footage are not worthy mentioning about. That is why we don’t even includ Fotolia/Adobe Stock in our analysis of best stock footage agency. We were happy they batch uploaded big part of our database to their collection two years ago, but sales are so poor we don’t put so much effort with uploading.

If Pond5 starts integrating our files on Adobe Stock and will be sold better, we will drop uploading to Adobe Stock completely.

Pond5 isn’t our main source of income, but we like to put our own price tags and collect 50% income share. Which is the most fair share of all agency on world wide web.

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