October 2017 favorite video stock footage files sold via all stock agencies

After a decent September 2017 incomes, the October continues the same pace in selling stock footage. Nearing the end of the year and statistics look like as it will be a copy-paste year in terms of overall income. Very similar yearly income as in 2016. But with more than 2000 new files uploaded since the end of 2016. Very disturbing statistics. This time Shutterstock ($1262) didn’t improve even slightest from last year ($1534), not even Pond5 ($542) is worth mentioning from last year ($888). Dissolve ($300) on the other hand stayed in the same low-mid earning league. The biggest surprise was only Fotolia/Adobe Stock ($535), which earned more than five times more from the previous year. It was probably just some temporary bump. On the other hand the iStock/Getty Images ($150) is the same low shit as always. Anyway, we are still happy to see that many unseen stock files are selling:








We wish so many times that we could see all of these clips where they were used. Sometimes we find them in foreign commercials or TV intros, but in 99% we can’t.

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