Can stock video GIF animation with text be used for promotion?

Using stock video GIF animation with text as a way of making fun statements from some things is a real business today. But what if any company would use it for their promotion of business? That would be a great way to get audience attention. With that, any stock video footage can be used in more ways.

Stock video of sports and recreation.

Stock video GIF animation with text should be short and in small size. The “Graphics Interchange Format” is an old image format for making animations. In the old days it was meant only for animating emoticons. Today it is used for same reason, but now even video clips are animated. It is best known for “memes“. GIF can only hold 256 colors and it is huge in bitrate size. Only 10 seconds of small resolution size animation can eat up to 10MB of disk size.

That is why up to 8MB is the maximum size you will have to stick. Facebook has such limit and many online image storage sites too. That is why GIF animation with text have to be short up to 6-7 seconds, resolution size up to 520 pixels of width, 10-12 frames per second and about 40 % of picture quality settings (best would be black&white). And less movement in animation means smaller file size too.

Our Video Stock Footage page is made mostly from stock video gif animation, that is why it loads a bit slower than any other page. But because we are production too, we want to promote our different works as much as possible.

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