Buy stock videos for commercial or editorial projects

Video production can be an expensive service, which also very much improves company image and promotes its products. We know that in many case you need to hire video production team to make specific video footage of your products, services or your location. Making a personal story very much depends on pre-production screenwriters. In some occasions you CAN use some stock footage for such projects.

Stock video of sports and recreation.

Stock video of sports and recreation.

But, if you buy stock videos for motivational, short promotion and educational purpose you can cut production cost very much. If you observe social networks, there are many short videos that are in fact made from stock footage. And they work great.

Even news coverage is in many cases made from stock footage. Why? Because it is cheaper, they don’t need to send expensive crew to shoot B-roll footage and the variety of media is wide. We’ve just made some potential terrorism with drones footage for media to use while reporting potential threats. If you are a company selling goods for animals, we have many different footage and cute stock footage to cover such theme too.

If you know working around Adobe Premiere or Davinci Resolve you can even cut the costs of post-production team and make the necessary video on your own.

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