5 Themes You Should NOT Shoot For Stock Footage Agencies

Almost every stock video contributor usually starts shooting themes that are easiest to find. Unless you already have a big database of video material from paid video production projects. Even better if model or property releases are already acquired. Being a stock contributor demands constant workflow of shooting, cutting, tagging, and uploading. If we also add planning, it might take more time than a regular job. That is why in beginning or when we don’t have time we shoot some simple themes that don’t need any planning. But, because such themes are way oversaturated on agencies, you don’t get any sales from them. And many times curators just reject them for same reasons. Unless you make such themes in a unique way, it is better to avoid them:


Shooting stock footage of flowers is the easiest theme you shouldn’t waste your time on. Clips of flowers are so saturated on stock agencies it would be impossible to get any sale. It doesn’t matter what kind of flowers if it’s on lawns, gardens or parks. Unless you live in a rainforest where unseen flowers and greenery grow. But again be careful because many of such greenery are domestic too and bought in shops.

Beautiful dandelions and green, shallow focus, a bit windy weather. Big endless field.

Stock Footage of Dandelions Field On Farm


Making stock footage of trees, lawns and other related themes is also very time wasting. But there are exceptions. Living in extreme conditions results in a completely unique nature. Unless you connect nice looking nature scenes with something more – people, animals or other themes. A nice looking tree in the middle of green lawn can be used as a swing for a kid. It becomes more than just a nature clip.


Everybody has a pet at home. No matter what it is; cat, dog, bird, mouse, horse, sheep or cow. Random shooting such animals theme is also very time wasting work. There are already tons of relevant footage online. Unless you take some more time to the scene and message you can make from it.


Rain is the same anywhere in the world. We’ve all shoot it already. In all different seasons. It doesn’t sell. Unless you live in a flooding area, then it might be interesting to shoot how your house goes down the hill in rain.


This theme is even more oversaturated because it’s available anywhere in the world. Pointing your camera upwards and leaving it there is something anyone can do. No matter the colors of clouds, rain clouds or sunset clouds. Not even time-lapses are in demand anymore.

We didn’t write this article because we want to kill your will to shoot stock footage. But to think out of the box and make more interesting footage from very oversaturated themes. Keep your mind, eyes, and camera sharp for new creative works.

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