Why all Youtubers make this same mistake?

While I’m watching tons of Youtube videos, I’ve noticed that this same mistake is seen in almost all videos across the board. Some are worse than others. And it got me thinking, if anyone even notices it is while editing and exporting. Maybe, if they are using only headphones they aren’t aware, but I do notice it badly with using the stereo speakers.

I am talking about audio levels. And I noticed myself changing volume settings every f*cking time I watch a different Youtube video. Sometimes even the same video has different audio levels. And yes, it becomes a very annoying thing, because some videos have such a low audio level, and when I watch a much louder ones it freaks me out.

I am no audio expert. But I do basic audio mastering for my professional projects and I use Adobe Audition, because it is much easier and effective working with audio tracks. In each audio I put on Hard Limiter effect and set it up to -3dB through whole audio track. Sometimes I have to put this limiter twice or even triple times, just to get the most consistent audio sound. And because Adobe Audition is a professional tool, you can select just a specific part of audio wave track and put on the limiter. It is not the same as Gain boost. Because Gain will blown out parts of the audio and again it will be much inconsistency. The Hard Limiter levels up to -3dB and not over, making the quieter parts of audio at the same level as the louder parts. This is what ALL Youtuber should be using to make consistent videos.

The -3dB audio level is also widely used standard in Television production. Rarely they use 0dB. In some specific cases even -6dB. But, the -3dB limiter is more logical choice.

I hope this tip will save some hassle for viewers and Youtubers that don’t know how to improve their sound quality.

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