PETA is a disease for photographers and videographers

We all remember the case of photographer and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) where they sue a creative photographer for stealing copyright selfie-photo of a monkey. It is a funny case which becomes a stressful burden for the photographer. And would be a big problem for all other photographers too, if PETA would win. PETA claimed that the photo is owned by the monkey, not the photographers who have set up and give the camera to the monkey which accidentally makes an iconic photograph. After long years of fighting the photographer thankfully won. But this is not the only case where disease agencies such as PETA are destroying the industry of visual media.

PETA and Shutterstock agreed on ban all unnatural photos of monkeys

“By banning unnatural images of exploited ape and monkey ‘actors,’ Shutterstock has made a huge difference for nonhuman primates, both those in the wild and those suffering in captivity,” from Petapixel

What we see here is a hypocritical decision of banning some images but still having some alone. For now, only monkeys are in question. Why leaving out monkeys from some Asian city’s that have made home around the town, and the monkeys from Zoo either. While if the monkey holding the cage bars or wearing a stolen hat would probably be “unnatural”. We won’t know what will be unnatural and what would. All this just bring us to the part where the use of monkeys in any creative theme will probably be banned. Just because it is “not natural”. Even if such monkey is actually your domestic pet. Wait, monkeys can’t be pets? Why?

Why are then horses, dogs, cats, hamsters, birds our pets? Becuase they were made this way by humans a long time ago and is become publicly accepted. But the monkeys are now a different story?

What we see the problem in such act from PETA and Shutterstock is, that soon even horses with saddle will be banned from stock because it is unnatural to them. And such banning animal images/videos will never have an end to it. Because it is PETA, the worst disease for photographers and videographers.

From historical experience, such acts will soon be exploited for banning all animals photos from stock agencies. (Ab)using monkey is just a first cornerstone in that direction. #ironic

Soon we will have to stop making funny cat videos because it is unnatural for them wearing a Christmas hat. #hohoho




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