Istockphoto / Getty Images affecting search results with only specific media

EDITED: Look at bottom part for update! Worlds worse stock media agency is winning another battle against contributors that don’t like them or don’t anymore upload to their database. We stopped uploading more than a year ago and left stock footage clips whatever we already uploaded until any funds still come to our bank account. Until we noticed through Microstockr Pro that our clips are vanishing from site and files are not searchable neither on iStockphoto or Gettyimages web sites.


What bugs us, even if we find our footage directly on our profile account, we tried finding several files through their search engine with no success. As if the files were hidden from results because of no explanatory reason.


What we conclude is that they are purposely affecting their search engine as they want buyers to see. That proves that they are regulating their search results as they see it fit and who they will promote. No wonder that Exclusive contributors on Getty still have business… isn’t it nice that iStockphoto/Getty agency is taking aggressive tactics to save their incomes for the price of killing all non-exclusives? It’s just a matter of time when buyers will figure out that their database is shrinking with a speed of light.

ADDED INFO: We have been enlightened with new information about search results on iStockphoto. Their search engine is so bad, that it doesn’t even search properly by your title and that is why it is almost impossible to query very detailed info for searching proper stock footage. We found our peeling apple only by searching wide search tag “peeling apple” and found our footage on third results page. Narrowing such results even more is futile. That explains why we weren’t able to find our own footage on iStockphoto/Getty images.


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