Collecting A List of Creative Marketing Agencies Using Stock Footage Media

Creative marketing agencies are an important part of stock footage industry. If there were no creative agencies working with stock media for their clients it would be a big problem for contributors.  There are millions of video promotions worldwide made from stock video footage and most of the viewers don’t even notice it. Why would they? It is important to serve the right message to viewers. With a variety of available pre-made stock footage, you can motivate, promote, educate or warn viewers and customers about many things.  And at lower video production costs.

Because many customers might not be able to make their own suitable finished video products, it is up to creative agencies to sell their ideas and post-production services. That is why we are putting together a list of all creative marketing agencies that are using or have used stock footage in their projects. This way we can help customers worldwide to find closest and most suitable creative agency to achieve ending product.

What we offer with your sign-up to the list;

  • Public list of creative agencies using stock footage
  • Listed by countries for easier searching
  • Monthly special offers from our stock footage portfolio
  • Production of stock footage on demand 
  • A free self-presentation article promotion on Video-Stock.Org
  • 50 Free stock footage for commercial use

The list will be published as soon as possible and all listed agencies will be informed of its location on our website. The list will include the company name and URL link.

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