iStockPhoto/Getty Images removing earnings and statistics is reversing progress

Tracking performance in stock video industry is very important work for any contributor. We are really displeased with Dissolve slow progress in upgrading their tracking system. Getting such valuable information once a month in raw datasheet is not so much motivational. Daily performance tracking of stock video industry sales is very important.

Stock footage of Playtoys In Sand

Stock footage of Playtoys In Sand

Using statistics software such as Microstockr is a great tool to oversee what sells and what not. You can see where footage sell and for how much. Their desktop version of Microstockr is even better for comparing yearly statistics. With such important data you can plan next stock video footage to shoot.

We can’t stress enough why it’s important contributors leaving iStockPhoto/Getty Images is for the best of whole stock industry. They once again proved their reversing progress with removing earnings and statistics from their pages. Contributors are left with monthly report of earnings and that’s it. If you get any report that is. This is very likely to hide their sales and not even giving you that earned portion. Are we too dramatic? We think you should read our previous article and many negative feedback on world wide web about iStockPhoto, then try to conclude with your own opinion.

iStockPhoto/Getty Images is just a great case of what the company shouldn’t be. Bad attitude, greed, de-motivational.

We hope that hammer will fall for such agencies as soon as possible.


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