Finally removed our old stock footage from iStockphoto/Getty


  1. Glen

    Curious, who are you uploading stock video to now, and how are sales going?

    I have been tempted to remove my footage from Getty as well, but when I started this a couple of years ago by also uploading to Adobe, Shutterstock & Pond 5, Getty was the only one that generated any significant sales.

    I pulled almost all my clips from the other three and uploaded to Getty after half a year of virtually no sales.

    Getty just seemed to have the marketing clout that the others didn’t.

    However when I see some of my stock clips getting sold & me getting mere pennies for them, I am tempted to pull them all from Getty and try another site.

    • VideoMaster

      how many clips do you have? Because I remember when I started with istock, I didn’t have many clips but sales were decent. But it didn’t improve with any number of clips I uploaded. While with other stock agencies I could continue doing this full-time.

  2. Glen

    I’m getting close to 1300 clips on Getty, sales (royalties) so far this year around about $455 USD. When I had clips on the other 3 there was about 600 or so on each, I think I got one ot two sales off of Pond 5 in about 6 months and that was it.

    Also found the other sites rejected slightly more than Getty, and quite a few of my sales on Getty have been on clips rejected by Adobe & Shutterstock.

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