Does domestic pet stock video require model release information?

We had an interesting question regarding model releases; “Does domestic pet stock video require model release?” . Because pets are part of family, you could easily think that they might need to give you permission for using them in commercial way. Or at least owners permission, because pets can’t really sign model releases though.

Well, that would be amusing. Even if pets are like our children which they never grow up, they don’t need model releases to be published on stock agencies. You might even get rejected files because the release is not needed.

One big problem with such act would be wild animals which could be as domestic as your cat&dog. Birds, horses, pigs, mouse, hedgehogs (in this case some of the best cages for hedgehogs should also be the thing to get in advance) and other sorts. We don’t imagine the headache of curators having many complaints because the shot animals is not owned by anyone.

If you have pets, get them motivated to do funny things in front of camera. Cute stock video can be the cheapest footage you could put up and earn money.

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