Passive income from stock footage?

If you have a video camera, photo camera with recording capabilities or a good flagship smartphone, there is a good chance you can start making a passive income. What is a passive income? Making extra money while having a primary job. And how much you can make from passive income depends on the initial work you put in. And how consistent you become to get more from it.

Stock footage is just one of many opportunities making a passive income. You could also make photos, music, animations, after effect templates, 3D models or sound effects. It depends what’s your thing and where you see yourself improving your craft. Because the equipment for making stock footage and stock photos is so cheap today, it is the the most straightforward industry. You make interesting content, buyers buy your content for their projects and you earn money.

Why build yourself a passive income? Just because it gives you more financial freedom. And if it shows big success it can become your daily job. Being creative and paid for your work endless times.

That is why I started a Skillshare teaching lesson about making stock footage as your passive income. You get all the information how to start. Many tips and tricks are included in the lessons. It is an half an hour long scripted lesson which includes every information to get you shooting.

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