Christmas holidays in sight and we added new Christmas stock footage in collection

It has been at least two or three years since we made some Christmas stock footage collection. We did a variety of decoration, painting and slow motion shots to cover this theme. But, sadly it was never popular and rarely anything was sold. Christmas is one time event in whole year so the competition is on high level to cover that small portion of buyers. While we sell many other non-Christmas stock footage through all year, Christmas just isn’t our cup of tea to brag about.

Christmas stock footage decorating and painting collection

Making Christmas stock footage sets could make you mad. Because there is so many worldwide traditions and “commercialized” themes, you can’t really know what buyers want. While US might only like “Home Alone” movie-like shoots, because it’s almost their trademark for Christmas time, in our country it’s far away from that commercialized style. We don’t celebrate Christmas in such way.

That’s why we made new Christmas stock video shots of making decorations for Christmas holidays. We choose to shoot inside a small room with big table, that’s why it was mostly close-ups and middle shots.

New Christmas stock video footage of making decorations

This gif animation compilation are just few of 33 stock footage collection we made this year. This year was a bit brighter theme, use of turquoise, white and silver colors. We like the finished product though.

We hope you like it and it will go to good use.

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